We all know that brushing is difficult to solve oral problems during orthodontics, so we still need to use dental floss to completely remove plaque, but ordinary dental floss can not fully meet this situation.

At present, the materials on the market mainly include polyester thread, nylon thread, polymer thread, PTFE thread and other materials.

  1. The material of polyester thread is mainly 630D and 840D, which can not meet the cleaning of denture correction. It have the following feature:a. Special process production; b. Flat broadband floss, easy to enter the gap of the teeth, increase the cleaning area of the teeth; c. Multi-functional care floss.

But the polyester thread is still too thin to achieve a good user experience.

  1. The characteristics of nylon thread: The floss is soft, easy to slide into the teeth after adding wax. Nylon thread and polyester thread also cannot achieve a good experience.
  2. The characteristics of UHWMPE floss are as follows: a. The floss is thin and smooth; b. High tensile strength, high strength, good wear resistance, and not easy to break the wire, relatively speaking, there is no problem in strength, but it is not thick enough.
  3. The characteristics of PTFE wire are as follows: a. The floss is very soft and smooth, easy to enter the teeth; b. Flat broadband floss can contact more adjacent teeth and more effectively clean dental plaque; c. Food-grade color, a variety of colors for customers to choose freely, while supporting color customization, the width is up to, but the clean contact surface is too small to achieve a good cleaning effect.

And the best brand currently on the market is OralB’s super dental floss.

  1. Actually the material is the expandable dental floss, which has the following character: a. The floss is soft, easy to slide into the tooth after adding wax; b. When used, the floss is naturally fluffy in the oral cavity, increasing the contact area with the gap of the teeth, thus deep cleaning the gap. So it is very fit for brace.

Actually, we can coat some flavor on floss like strawberry/milk/coffee/grape/cinnamon/sage/eucalyptus/juniper/apple/spearmint/pineapple/peach/cantaloupe/cranberry and so on. The normally is mint flavor.

So if you need one type floss for brace, the power floss is necessary for you. Oral B super floss is the best choice for you and the material of floss is expandable floss.

Any more doubt about dental floss, please contact me and let us have the deep chat about it.