We are all aware that brushing alone is insufficient to address oral issues during orthodontic treatment. Therefore, it’s essential to use dental floss to effectively remove plaque. However, conventional dental floss may not fully meet the requirements in this scenario.

Currently, materials available on the market primarily consist of polyester thread, nylon thread, polymer thread, PTFE thread, and others.

Polyester thread, primarily in 630D and 840D, may not be suitable for maintaining oral hygiene during orthodontic correction. Its key characteristics include:

  • a. Specialized manufacturing process;
  • b. Wide, flat floss, making it easy to access tight spaces between teeth and increasing the cleaning area;
  • c. Multifunctional care floss. However, polyester thread is still too thin to provide an optimal user experience.

Nylon thread is characterized by its softness, and it easily slides between teeth after adding wax. Nevertheless, nylon and polyester threads still may not deliver the desired user experience.

The characteristics of UHWMPE floss are as follows:

  • a. Thin and smooth floss;
  • b. High tensile strength, great durability, resistance to wear, and minimal risk of breaking, although it might not be thick enough for some users.

PTFE tape stands out for being extremely soft and smooth, making it easy to maneuver between teeth. It features wide, flat floss that can reach more adjacent teeth and effectively remove dental plaque. Additionally, it comes in various food-grade colors, with options for customization. Nevertheless, due to the limited contact surface, it might not offer the best cleaning efficiency.

In reality, this dental floss is made of expandable material, boasting the following characteristics:

  • a. Soft and easy to slide between teeth after applying wax;
  • b. When used, the floss naturally expands in the oral cavity, enhancing contact with tooth gaps and facilitating deep cleaning, making it an excellent choice for braces.

expanding floss

Moreover, we can add flavors to the floss, such as strawberry, milk, coffee, grape, cinnamon, sage, eucalyptus, juniper, apple, spearmint, pineapple, peach, cantaloupe, cranberry, and more. The most common flavor is mint.

So, if you require floss suitable for braces, power floss is essential. Oral B super floss is the optimal choice, and it’s made of expandable floss material.

If you have any further questions about dental floss, please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss it in greater detail.