Some research data shows that less than one-fifth of people in the world use dental floss to clean their teeth daily regularly.

American aging expert Michael Royson has researched that using dental floss every day can make people live 6.4 years longer on average!

Dental floss will not make the gap between the teeth bigger and bigger.use dental floss

Some people worry that flossing between teeth will cause teeth to loosen. Hey, you worry too much.

There is a layer of elastic film between the tooth root and bone, called periodontal ligament. When dental floss is stuffed into the gap between the teeth, a physiological gap will be formed in the physiological elastic range of the periodontal ligament, and the gap will disappear when the floss is taken away.

Moreover, the standard dental floss thickness (less than 0.15 mm) is much smaller than the thickness of the narrowest interdental gap. Normal interdental gaps can hold dental floss. Don’t worry about flossing will increase the gap between the teeth. It is more concerned about your oral health.