Project Description

OEM Nylon Dental Floss Suppliers

Nylon waxed dental floss

50 Meters Mint Flavor

Remove food particles effectivly and fresh oral care

Basic Info

Brand OEM
Floss Material Nylon
Floss Length 50 meters
Flavor Mint and others
Packing Blister card
Certificate FDA/CE/ISO9001


  • Common floss, it is soft and smooth, easy to enter the gap of the teeth and slides easily between tight contacts and shred-resistant.
  • Adding mint to keep your mouth fresh lasting.
  • It is also safe without any PFAS.
  • Made of polyamide or PA floss including PA6 and PA66. It is a mutifilament thread and a superior twisted nylon floss that promotes healthy gums and teeth.


  • What is the nylon floss price?

    The price depends on the product package details. So please contact us via email and we will send you the price with 24 hours when confirm your order specification.

  • What is your product MOQ?

    10000 pcs are available.

  • What is your samples price?

    Samples are free. Shipping cost on your side.

  • What is your leadtime?

    2 days for samples and the mass produciton within 30 days.

  • Can you provide nylon dental floss without mint?

    Sure. We can supply dental floss as your requirement. Except mint, strawberry,green tea,lemon,orange,cinnamon,grape,eucalyptus,clary sage,etc. are available.