Fenghe dental floss originated from an innovative dental company in China. The brand was established to address the growing oral hygiene issues faced by people. For several decades, the oral hygiene level in China has been relatively low, with many people lacking proper knowledge and effective products for oral care, resulting in various dental health problems.

As a result, the founder of Fenghe dental floss decided to develop dental floss to address this issue. After a long period of research and improvement, Fenghe dental floss was born. Fenghe was founded by Chairman Yan Zhiwei in 1999, and was renamed Hebei Fenghe Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. in 2005, Hebei Fenghe Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in 2008, and Hebei Fenghe Biotechnology INC., Ltd. in 2016, which is still in use today.

With the continuous promotion and popularization of Fenghe dental floss, more and more people have started to pay attention to oral health and have begun to use Fenghe dental floss. The brand has quickly risen in China and has received warm welcome from consumers.

As global environmental awareness continues to increase, Fenghe dental floss is gradually stepping onto the world stage. Today, Fenghe dental floss has entered the worldwide market and has been welcomed by local consumers.

As the company’s reputation has grown, Hebei Fenghe Biotechnology INC., Ltd. has gradually registered its own brands (Fenghe/G.fresh/HT cool/Dr. Yan, etc.) and has patented some of its products.