Shelf Life of Dental Floss

The shelf life of dental floss is showed 3 years or 5 years on the outer packaging generally. You have to define the expairation according to the raw material of dental floss used if you want to know the exactly shelf lif.

About added flavor of dental floss, the shelf life is 1 year, and the flavor of dental floss will fade gradually until it disappears with longter time.

Conventional plastic dental floss(include dental floss and dispenser) actually has a long shelf life, and it can be used after it expires, but the taste will fade or tasteless. In addition, the color of the floss and thread in the packaging box will also change, but it can be used normally.

Unconventional plastics, the degradable environmentally friendly dental floss on the market now is short shelf life(about 1 year). If the shelf life is exceeded, the tensile force of the dental floss will be reduced, and it may be inserted into the teeth during using. In this case, the expired dental floss cannot be used. After all, the cleaning function of the dental floss in the province is lost.

Stock condition

1.Dental floss is a daily necessities. It is not a problem to put it indoors normally. Do not forget to put the lid on after using to prevent the volatilization of the flavor.

2.Do not expose it to direct sunlight to reduce the aging of the dental floss box.

Can the expired dental floss continue to be used?

Firstly, observe the surface to check whether the floss is discolored, and if it discolors, check whether there is any peculiar smell; Secondly, to pull the floss hard to see whether the strength is reduced. You can still use the flos if the above answers are No. Actually we should floss as the indicator on the product package.

pull the floss

How does the dental floss show the produce date and expirate date?

The product date and expirate date usally are printed on the bottom of the product or the outer package. Dental floss will keep flavor about 1 year and we as a manufacturer advice the shelf life about 3-5 years. As the following pictures showing:

You can use it according to your own judgment as long as it can achieve the purpose of cleaning and there is no peculiar smell. Surely, It is better to use dental floss under the shelife indication.