Project Description

Fenghe can provide many shape of dental floss bobbin/yarn. Normally is coin one.

dental floss yarn

Some other dental floss refills like coccon shape and round shape.

biodegradable dental floss

For dental floss length, we can do different material with different length from 10 meters-500meters. The package dispenser also have different volume to meet various need.

waxed flossunwaxed dental floss
For dental floss flavor, there is Cool Mint, lemon, strawberry, milk, bacon….
For coating material, there is Wax or Un-wax, Fluoride, Anti-Bacterial, Beautiful Teeth…

For dental floss color,there is white,black,blue,green,pink….
For dental floss package, there is bulk package and blister card package.

The floss spool specification please check below photo:

floss spoon

floss yarn


The core of the floss yarn are removed from the traditional one. It is free of plastic and more eco firendly.


  • What kind of wax is used on dental floss?

    Traditional dental floss is waxed using synthetic chemicals and compounds wax. Our product use natual extract. Candelilla wax is popular. It is sourced from  a natual plant. Some consumer like the beeswax. But it is not for veganist.

  • What is teflon free dental floss?

    We can provide biodegradable dental floss, like corn starch/silk floss and bamboo floss coated plant wax without any teflon.

  • Which group consumer fit for using the expanding floss?

    Who has the wider teeth gap can pick this fluffy floss and the tight space should pick the waxed floss.