Project Description

Waxed Dental Floss OEM Solution

50 meters waxed dental floss

Mint flavor

Blister card package

OEM brand is available.

Basic Information

Brand OEM Floss
Material Waxed Floss
Length 50 meters
Flavor Mint and others
Packing Blister card
Certificate FDA/CE/ISO9001
  • Waxed floss is usually stronger than unwaxed, meaning it won’t break as much during flossing.
  • Waxed floss & mint: Wax coating allows floss reach to glide easily between teeth to remove debris while remaining comfortable for the consumer; Pleasant mint taste
  • Waxed floss is a thicker string. It is fit for the people of bigger teeth space.


  • What is waxed floss?

    Waxed floss is coated a thin layer of wax on the surface. Because of this coating, it is usually a little bit thicker than unwaxed floss, but also easier to reach between the teeth as the wax acts as a sort of lubricant. So waxed floss is same as its name, just coated the wax.
  • What is the wax coated on the floss?

    For the vagan consumer, you can choose the candelilla wax or other natural wax sourced from plant. For the normal person the better choice is beeswax.

  • What is the mint flavor material?

    The mint flavor is extracted from natual mint. It is natrual and eco friendly.

  • What is waxed floss made of?

    The normal floss is made of nylon. Actually waxed floss including so many types of dental floss. Such as dental tape, UHMWPE, Corn fiber floss, Fluffy floss, Woven textured string and other biodegradable floss.

  • Waxed floss is safe?

    Nylon floss is free of BPA and PFAS. The wax and mint are natual. So it is safe for you.

  • How distinguish between waxed and unwaxed dental floss?

    Waxed and unwaxed floss just the wax coated or not on the surface of the floss. So how do we know which one is waxed and which one is unwaxed? The following way for your reference.

    • Feel: Maybe you have a strong view about how exactly waxed or unwaxed floss seems in your mouth.
    • Maneuverability: You could find waxed floss easy to push up and down the side of the tooth to have an powerful clear.
    • Thickness: You will probably find waxed floss to glide in the middle your teeth is more comfortable.
    • Braces: In case you have braces, you might have an easier time location waxed floss between braces. Some discover that their braces fray unwaxed floss more easily compared to waxed selection. You may also favor try using a floss threader for an easier time moving in between the cords and mounting brackets of your braces.
  • Which floss is better between waxed floss and unwaxed dental floss?

    At the end of the day, we recommend using the floss that feels best to you. Because the biggest contributor to flossing’s effectiveness is based on doing it as a part of your daily routine, you should select the type you’re most likely to use. We recommend trying out both and seeing which one you prefer.