eco firendly dental floss dispenser

Biodegradable dental floss supplier OEM service are available.

Hebei Fenghe provide many kinds of dental floss. FDA/CE/ISO9001 certificates.


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Bamboo charcoal floss

Floss for you and protect our world together!

You don’t have to use plastic to floss, now you can choose a plastic-free and eco-friendly alternative. It is biodegradable dental floss.

cotton floss

Paper Dispenser

eco firendly dental floss dispenser

Bamboo Container

biodegradable dental floss box

Glass Jar dental floss

Glass Jar Container

No Plastic Core

Free of Plastic Floss Feature

8.5 / 10

I love the eco friendly packaging and product and it works great. The price I’d fair as well.

Eco friendly packaging and product that works great, Jhanso
9 / 10

This peace silk dental floss is great for those looking for an alternative to plastic or bamboo which can be too thick.
Zero plastic, and cruelty free as the producers of this floss allow the moth to hatch from the cocoons before harvest.
This floss breaks a bit easier but I have gotten used to it and it’s not really a problem.

Love that these are not plastic, and are cruelty free., bandiverse
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