Expanding dental floss supplier OEM brand service.

Lightly waxed for easy insertion between teeth, expands during use to clean wider gaps and clean more tooth surface.


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dental floss for wide/large gaps

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China Dental Supplies Expanding Dental Floss

As a dental products supplier, Hebei Fenghe Biotechnology INC.,LTD provides many kinds of materials for dental floss, including: PTFE, nylon floss, waxed thread, unwaxed floss, color PP thread, bamboo charcoal thread, water fluffy thread(also names expanding dental floss or super floss),  environmentally friendly degradable thread and so on. Mint, strawberry, green tea, lemon, orange, cinnamon, grape, eucalyptus, sage, juniper, etc are available. The flavors used are all natural grades.

Product Introduction

Ingredient:Like sunstar gum expanding dental floss, Fenghe provide the fluffy floss with waxed & natural pepper mint, nylon floss 55 yards.

Feature:Floss expands during use to gently remove plaque from both tight spaces and wide gaps.

Qualification: We produce and export dental floss over 20 years. The main market is US and Europe market. Approve FDA/CE/ISO9001.

Our service: We customized the brand for clients except ourselves’ brands.


What is expandable floss made of?

For improving plaque removing. This kind of floss will expand during the cleaning process to reach greater contact and cleaning in the spaces between the surfaces of the appliance and adjacent teeth and gums.

What is the benefit of expanding floss?

Floss is initially level to gain access to the small areas between tooth but expands during use. This allows for exposure to a greater work surface part of the teeth underneath the gumline for enhanced plaque elimination. Enabling you to keep an eye on just how much floss you've utilized.
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