Dental floss is the daily usage goods in family. How many knowleage about dental floss do you know? Which one is fit for you and what is each one floss feature. We should know it and distingish by ourselves before you purchase it. There are many types of dental floss in market. Here will introduce you the different types of dental floss one by one and privide you the exactly answer for using the floss correctly.

  1. Unwaxed Dental Floss1
  2. Waxed Dental Floss
  3. Nylon Dental Floss
  4. Woven Dental Floss
  5. UHMWPE Dental floss
  6. Dental Tape
  7. Unflavord Dental Floss VS Flavored Dental Floss
  8. Expanding Dental Floss
  9. Super Dental Floss
  10. Bamboo Dental Floss
  11. Biodegradable Dental Floss/ Eco Friendly Dental Floss
  12. Floss Threader
  13. Dental Flosser
  14. Water pick
  15. Dental Floss Dispenser and Package

1. Unwaxed Dental Floss

Dental floss includes twisted nylon material filaments or plastic monofilaments and is available coated wax and unwax typs. Unwaxed floss is easier to grip than waxed floss, but it is also more prone to damage, fraying, and snapping during use.

2. Waxed Dental Floss

When choosing between several types of dental floss, the first options to make a decision on is if to choose waxed or unwaxed floss. Some people select unwaxed floss since they are needing some thing natural, but waxed floss has some desirable benefits, too. When floss is layered in wax it can be not as likely to shred in the course of use which can lead to bits of it receiving caught up between your the teeth or in the corners of braces, bridges or other dental appliances. If you still want anything organic, though, choose a floss coated with beeswax as a replacement option.

When it comes to selecting one of these interdental cleaning up goods on the other, a few things to take into account are how easy each one of these is that will help you and which is most effective at tooth cleaning. When you have bigger fingers or find it hard to keep slim strands of dental floss, you could be better off making use of dental tape. Even so, in case your tooth are really closly, waxed floss could possibly be more effective, as the wax coat will allow the floss to easily move between the teeth. As well as, waxed floss is sturdier than its unwaxed comparable version, therefore you won’t have to bother about it fraying or breaking up when you’re flossing.

3. Nylon Dental Floss

During World War II, Johnson & Johnson begin to produce dental floss from nylon material. Previously, silk finished up becoming accustomed to make floss, however, through the discord, the material was largely allocated for parachute establishing. The business abused virtually no time making another fabric, and in the long term, nylon material been found much more affordable. After World War II, Johnson & Johnson maintained producing floss from nylon material.

Nylon floss will probably be the most common. It’s your regular dental floss, and has been doing existence for long time. In the event you choose universal dental floss, it’s definitely nylon-dependent floss. You’ll also see a huge difference in value — nylon material floss is cheaper. Nylon floss comes in numerous thicknesses and flavours, and are available waxed or un-waxed.

4. Woven Dental Floss

Woven floss is considered by many to be better than waxed floss, made of hundreds of thin nylon, polyester, or cotton fibers. The fibers are often coated on flavors, such as mint, and a microcrystalline wax.

Stitched floss is recognized as by a lot of being preferable over waxed floss mainly because it takes away far more plaque. It appears smooth between fingers, nevertheless sturdy. Because it removes more plaque and feels soft between your fingers, yet strong.

In contrast to common waxed floss, woven floss will not likely decrease inside your gum line as very easily. For people with delicate gums, stitched floss is less likely to cause hemorrhage and irritation.

From the feedback of the client we found that one of the top complaints about woven floss is that it alwas shreds easily.

Woven dental floss, at times called braided tufted dental floss, is normally produced from several strands of nylon material or natural cotton weaved collectively to create one strong, flat strand. The tufted section incorporates a sense that is similar to natural cotton in look and contact. Comparable to a natural cotton spread thin, the floss strand has little fibres poking out, which sets apart it from waxed floss. It provides the design of embroidery thread or perhaps an extremely very little placed rope, with the strands twisted around each other.

Our fenghe dental floss comprised one glowing azure tufted section that resembled lean yarn, twisted having a thin piece of white-colored shaded waxed floss. As being the unbiased filaments of braided floss are twisted, the floss strand can expand when pushed jointly, or lessen when pulled taut. The distinct parts it’s produced from build a slightly greater-than-typical floss. Woven floss often has more preferences, like peppermint, sugars-cinnamon, or coconut, and in many cases an obvious waxy texture to among the filaments to support with with gliding across the sides of teeth.

Why might this be? For starters, woven floss incorporates a various top quality of contact with the the teeth. Its fibrous regularity creates extra rubbing from the aspects of the the teeth, along with challenging ends for dirt to adhere to, thus it comes with an additional ability for scraping aside dental plaque buildup and components of foods. The tufted portion of the floss is very likely to discover onto particularly thorny contributors – stringy pieces of corn, pineapple, steak – that waxed floss might glide proper around. This produces a far more detailed-discomfort flossing practical knowledge, with less hard-to-get pieces of contaminants put aside.

5. UHMWPE Dental Floss

UHMWPE fiber woven dental floss is short for Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene dental floss, is a subset of the thermoplastic polyethylene. This kind of dental floss has the following features:

  • high tensile strength
  • Non-Toxic
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Abrasion and impact resistant
  • Wear Resistant

There is one brand of UHMWPE floss is Dyneema™. Here is Dyneema floss features:

  • Very fine floss
  • Shred-resistant
  • Helps clean between teeth and below the gumline
  • Waxed to glide smoothly over the tooth surfaces

6. Dental Tape

Monofilament floss is more modern technological innovation, and since it isn’t a textile like nylon, it doesn’t rip or damage. Because it’s so powerful, a number of people believe it’s simple to use and pull between teeth. The plastic-type/rubberized also appears to glide much easier for the majority of — actually, a great deal of companies view the key phrase “glide” as the floss name or brand.

Dental tape is actually a wider, flatter and waxed floss. As a result of its waxed surface area, the tape glides easily between teeth without shredding. Waxed dental tape features a wider surface than regular floss, thus it gets rid of far more plaque and decay-resulting in product from larger spaces between teeth and under gums.

Compared to dental floss, dental tape — referred to as ribbon tape — is thinner, broader, and a little bit more stretchy. Dental tape is usually manufactured from waxed nylon material or polythene fibers content material, and it really is generally around one millimeter broader than dental floss. As a result of its flat surface, dental tape can glide in between your tooth more easily. It’s also not as likely to click against your gum line than dental floss.

If you’ve used dental tape well before, you more than likely immediately seen it’s considerably weightier dimensions-smart than popular floss. That thickness makes it much easier to deal with and sustain around your convenience, but it’s also ideal in case you have bigger spaces in between your tooth. This wideness really helps to have the flossing process more efficient, while there is considerably more area for your personal sticky tape to remnant food particles. So instead of flossing many times in the same gap, you are able to attain it in 1 or 2 glides. In short, dental tape can be a simpler and quicker way to floss without compromising the quality of cleanliness.

Oddly enough, the identical positive characteristic todental tape can be its shortage. Many people have little space between their 32 tooth. This, naturally, is definitely the objective for orthodontic procedures like braces or aesthetic procedures like veneers — for teeth be a little bit more aligned and symmetrical. Nevertheless, an additional size can certainly make it tough otherwise out of the question to seamlessly swipe between all of your current tooth in the vintage down and up movements. Additionally, you could possibly complement the dental tape in but have problems getting it all out. This may make the flossing approach irritating and, considerably more problematically, unproductive.

7. Unflavord Dental Floss VS Flavored Dental Floss

There are many types of dental floss flavors. The popular is pepper mint and accept by most of consumers. Some special flavors such as strawberry, green tea, lemon, orange, cinnamon, grape, eucalyptus, clary sage, etc. These totally named flavord dental floss. It is simples to understand. Some personal like the floss without any flavor, which is called unflavord dental floss.

8. Expanding Dental Floss

EXPANDING FLOSS is a thin string and easy to insert your teeth. Once it has been inserted, the floss expands significantly. This enables it to fit easily into all the spaces between teeth, reach more tooth surfaces, and clean below the gumline.

expanding floss


  • Thinner and more easy to insert between teeth

Lightly lubricated with wax for easy handling and insertion between the teeth.

  • Expands significantly for more effective cleaning

Expands during use to clean the tooth surfaces adjacent to the wider gaps more effectively.

  • Gentle on gums

Floss has a texturized nylon construction that is more gentle on the gums.

  • Ideal for people with sensitive gums and teeth significantly

If you’re not familiar with flossing or experience any dental health problem, your gum line could be prone to bleed or feeling sore any time you floss. Expanding floss is the ideal kind of floss to work alongside initially or with sensitive gums. This type of floss is constructed from a soft spongy substance that improves and expands with use making it gentler on your gums, as the name suggests. The additional thickness will also help in places with huge spaces in between your teeth or perhaps for cleaning under braces.

Actually expanding floss is unique in the fact that when it comes into contact with the saliva between your teeth it expands. The floss is coated in a mint flavored wax to hold the fibers together. These special design features mean it can fit into small gaps between teeth while still remaining shred proof.

9. Super Dental Floss

Super floss, including a section of nylon or silk dental floss, is characterized in that a section of high-elasticity drawstring is provided, the drawstring is twisted into a drawstring, the two ends of the drawstring at the open end of the drawstring are connected, and the dental floss passes through the drawstring.

10. Bamboo Dental Floss

Bamboo dental floss is traditional dental floss mixed bamboo charcoal particle. Not the biodegradable dental floss. So it is just more function instead of free of plastic floss.

11. Biodegradable Dental Floss/ Eco Friendly Dental Floss

These flosses are made from all-natural materials, such as silk, and coated with natural beeswax or plant wax. Biodegradable dental floss means the floss will be degradable with the time under the certain condition for protect our planet.

The biodegradable includes PLA(corn starch floss)/peace silk fibre/cotton string and other dental new technology floss.

  • Corn Starch Dental Floss

PLA is made from corn-based plastic. Bioplastic is as strong as traditional plastic, but it is made from renewable resources.

  • Silk Dental Floss

Floss silk are the filaments inside the delicate, interior covering of the silkworm cocoon, and also in specific out of your places where cocoon will never be ruined by the caterpillar. Floss silk is generally classed as a continuous filament. The silk is extracted from the cocoon, dyed after which created into hanks.

12. Floss Threader

A floss threader is truly a helpful, nevertheless inflexible plastic-type material-variety system for moving dental floss under and through hard-to-accomplish locations in the mouth cavity – such as beneath dental care bridges, driving orthodontic cables, and beneath easily removed denture retainer night clubs. Without floss threader, getting dental floss into this areas could be challenging. Oral plaque elimination over these areas ceases teeth cavities, gingival irritation, and bone problems. As well as regular teeth cleaning and make use of associated with a interdental thoroughly clean, floss threaders can assist create your month more healthy, and prolong the life of your dental work.

13. Dental Flosser

Dental flosser is a small plastic-type material device that contains two plastic-type ends, plus a one element of floss string is found between the two ends of hard plastic.

use dental floss

Currently, there are many shape denta floss pick appeard in market. Specially the dental floss for kids. Acutally the material is same with tradtional flosser. Just a cute handle shape to attract the kids. But the children should be used the floss under the adults’ aid for their safe.

14. Waterpik

Waterpik flosser is a new type of dental health device for personal teeth care. The functionality is floss as it’s name via water jets to shoot the front and internal of the teeth, which reach the same function of traditional floss. Just a combination of water pressure and pulsations.

  • Cordless water flosser advance

Easier to clean orthodontic appliances

It may be often difficult to clean the teeth with fitted braces. If you fail to get rid of plaque from across the braces it can cause a probability of tooth cavities and periodontal disease. The better access to floss way plaque and dirt is using a waterpik. it has a slim clean for taking away of dental plaque from around the brackets and stores.

Ideal for cleaning implants and bridges

Locations around implants and bridges are fantastic reproduction reasons for microorganisms. Wonderful oral care is very important to the dental implant as just about any lively gum issue can lead to implant fail. The merged result of water pressure and beats from a waterpik irrigador is useful for guaranteeing a thorough clean around crown and implants.

water floss pick

  • Water pick have two sides of drawback

  1. Water flosser’s price is much more then traditional floss. So can not everyone access it and decrease the usage range.
  2. The Second negative thing is that water pick are less efficient at removing oral plaque as string floss is. Actrually this sort of water jets can thoroughly clean the limited area of the floss. For example the front and space of the teeth. It may be are not able to reach another spots. Like the back and inside of teeth.

Is the waterpik a good substitute for flossing?

That should be decided by your using experience and detail requirement.

15. Dental floss dispenser and package types

Our traditional dental floss dispenser is plastic container with different shape and pack in blister card. To meet the eco friendly product need, more and more biodegradable or recycle dental floss pack appreard. The paper box dispenser is instead of plastic container. The SSL bottle or glass bottle replace the plastic bottle. Now even the wood or bamboo container is coming for our environment protection. These dispenser or package is eco friendly or free of plastic, which can be biodegradable to meet with the biodegradable dental floss.

How to floss correctly?

  1. Wind and Pinch (Use about 40cm of floss having an extra 2cm to work with )
  • Wind 18″ of floss around middle fingers ol each hand
  • Pinch loss between thumbs and index fingers . leaving a1-2″ length in botween
  • Use thumbs to direct flosS between upper teeth

2. Grasp

  • Keepa1-2″ length of floss taut between lingers
  • Use indexingers to gulde floss between contacts of the lower teeth

3. Guide (Gently folow the curves of your teeth and gum lines)

  • Gently guide floss between the teeth by using a zig – zag motion , Do not snap floss between teeth
  • Contour floss around the side of the tooth

4. Slide (With enough floss you can clean beneath the gumline but avoide snapping the floss on the gums)

  • Slide floss up and down against the tooth surface and under the gumline
  • Floss each tooth thoroughly wlth a clean section of floss

The most effective way to clean your teeth on a daily routine is to combine tooth brushing, flossing and a water flossing device. That is the best combination and steps for your reference.

  1. String floss to move the sticky plaque and loosen debris,
  2. Waterpik to flush it away.
  3. Teeth clean while using fluoride tooth paste to protech your the the teeth health.