What is fluffy dental floss?

Fluffy dental floss also named expandable dental floss, is designed and manufactured to help remove plaque in large gaps between hard-to-reach teeth and effectively clean more regular spaces between teeth. During use, dental floss expands to form threads of larger diameter and contacts more surface area around the gap. Large gaps often appear due to gum retraction and nipple loss as a result of periodontitis. Expandable dental floss is lightly lubricated with wax, making it easy to handle and insert teeth, and it swells during use to more effectively clean the tooth surface adjacent to wider gaps.

What experience of using fluffy dental floss?

The fluffy dental floss, you can see the contrast between the expanded and non-expanded parts. This design allows this dental floss to enter the gap between the teeth and the gingival groove very smoothly. After entering, it expands with water and can clean the gap and the sidewall of the teeth. Comparing with normal dental flos experiment, it is found that the expandable floss is stable and will not cause any residue of dental floss when it comes out of the teeth.