Project Description

Dental Tape 50 meters

Short description:

Dental tape

waxed and mint flavor

Colorful container pack

Blister card package

Material: Nylon tape

Coating: Waxed

Flavor: Pepper mint

Size: 50 meters

Pack: Blister card package

Certificates: FDA/CE/ISO9001/BSCI

  1. What is dental tape? Dental tape is often made of waxed nylon fiber or teflon also known as ribbon tape, and it’s generally wider than dental floss. Thanks to its flat surface, dental tape can slide between your teeth more easily.
  2. It is stronger then popular nylon waxed floss.
  3. It is thinner and flat and soft, sometimes called silk floss. Move between teeth more easy.
  4. It is used by the consumer who have the tighter space between teeth.
  5. Dental tape VS dental floss:
  • Stronger then dental floss
  • broader and flatter then waxed floss
  • Thin flat surface for effective removal of plaque
  • Easy glide and gentle action
  • It dosn’t fray and shred.


  • What is the dental tape(ribbon floss) advantage?

    1. Dental tape is a wider and flatter dental floss. So it will not easily to fray and shred.
    2. A wide tape is convient to hold on finger.
    3. It is fit for the people with tight space teeth.
  • What is the floss and PTFE tape different?

    Just the material and shape.

    Traditional floss is made of nylon or other fiber. It is so many fiber twist together.

    Dental tape is border and wider then floss. Made of Teflon.

  • Compared to dental floss, dental tape cost is less?

    No. Dental tape price is higher then floss accordingly.