1. Dental floss currently situation and environment pollution issue

As we see the plastic pollution around our life, secially the sea pollution all of the world, we have to deduct the usage of plastic. The daily floss of traditional totally is made of plastic. With the developement of the high technology, the dental floss also takes some breakthrough recently years. Like the biodegradable dental floss. The civalization from every country also step into a new improvement.

  1. What is biodegradable dental floss

Biodegradable dental floss as the name suggest it is nautral and sustainable/zero waste/compostable dental floss including the floss and his package. They will be biodegradble under a certain environmental like the temperature and moisture. Surely the biodgradable will be proceed under the certion condition. But that also make a measure contribution to the environmental friendly.

  1. What is the biodegradable dental floss type

Currently the biodegradable dental floss can meet different group. The types are very rich.

        a. PLA dental floss. It is fermented from some plant. Like the corn strach, bean and others. Then become some plat, finally become the thread.

        b. Sik dental floss. It is resource from silkworm.

silk dental floss

        c. Cotton dental floss. Cotton as raw material for spinning into filaments

        d. Others like the flax fiber and bamboo charcoal floss.

bamboo charcoal dental floss

    4. What is biodegradable dental floss beneficial

It is the plastic dental floss alternative and decrease the plastic usase. It is the really natually dental floss. Making the huge contribution to protecting the world environment friendly.

  1. What is the bidoegradable floss shortage

Biodegradable dental floss lost the consumer’s sacrifice of usage experience. It is made of natral, so the strength will be less and will be break easily. On the other hand, the floss is not very smoothly, cause a bad usage experience.

All in all, the natual floss improve the environmental protecting relization even have some shortage. The issue will be solved with the development of technology from manufacturing.