How to Floss with Braces

Although it is very difficult for flossing with brace, we fenghe floss hope everyone can feel confident with smile after flossing. Here are some suggestions about the floss with braces.


  • Threader Floss

Using the threader floss. This floss one side is hard. It is can pass the brace smoothly and reach the deep of the gum.


super floss


  • Interdental brush

Using the interdental brush. Interdental brush can brush the brace where the nomal tooth brush can not reach.


interdental brush


  • Water Floss Pick

Water floss pick are the most effeciency way to clean the tooth with braces. Using the floss point to the place where need to be clean. It is simple to remove the tartar.

water floss pick

Please contact us if you need one type of floss. Here show you so many type of floss for your reference.