• Where is the silk floss from

Silk floss is made from peace silk so no silkworms are being harmed. The pupa is allowed to hatch so the moth can fly out and only the leftover cocoon is being collected.

silk dental floss

  • Silk floss feature

Silk is a natural long fiber, which is strong and elastic. After many times of washing, high-temperature steaming and sterilization, and special twisting method, it becomes a fine and strong thread. It meets the characteristics of “resistance to pull” of dental floss.

  • Beeswax

Natural beeswax-fine and smooth, easy to penetrate between teeth

Beeswax is a pure natural material. It has been used in cleaning products since ancient times to isolate the air and prevent corruption. Beeswax used on dental floss will make dental floss smoother. The paraffin wax used in general dental floss is paraffin wax from petrochemical raw materials, while beeswax is a by-product of beekeeping, which has less impact on the environment and can also be decomposed in the natural environment. The texture of beeswax is also more delicate, and dental floss will have a delicate and soft feel when used.

  • Flavor

Pure and natural, no additives


No “preservatives, bleaching agents, fluorescent agents, synthetic flavors”

Don’t worry about bisphenol A (BPA) or fragrance substances becoming environmental hormones.

  • The pacakge


Glass bottle dipsense can be used recycled, craft box package is biodegradable. One free of plastic dental floss from floss to package. So

“No more

Put the plastic in your mouth! ”

Love nature and protect environment while caring for your mouth.