Flossing very day may help you improve your oral health, like gets rid of plaque, reduces the risk of cavities, helps prevent gum disease and reduces bad breath. So which type of dental floss is fit for you. Now we will introduce the different type of dental floss. Hope you can find the one that is fit for you.

Dental Floss Yarn

The string floss yarn is the traditional for flossing. It is made of different type of floss material. Like polyester/nylon/UHWMPE/PTFE and other biodegradable floss like silk/PLA and cottons.

The floss coated with wax and various of flavor. Then put into a dispenser with cutter to cut the floss when using.

It is packed by blister card or other type package.

floss yarn

Dental floss yarn is fit for the adult who used to using it. Children have to be guide under parents if they want to used. All in all, it is difficult to use for the normal person.

Dental Floss Pick/Dental Flosser/Dental Floss Pick

Compared the floss yarn, dental floss pick is easy to use. It is made of a handle and a little floss. But it is can be used recycled.

The handle is made of PP or ABS plastic and floss is made of nylon or UHWMPE floss-about 2CM length.

dental floss pick

It is usually packed by single bag or 20/30/50pcs per bag or box.

Water Flosser

The most high-tech flossing option is an electric water flosser. These devices are highly effective at removing plaque and bacteria safely and gently.

But the cost is relatively highly.

water flosser

You can choose one of the type to floss. Oral health is very important for our oral health. The more dental floss knowleage is