What is dental floss yarn?

Dental floss yarn/roll refer to a certain length of dental floss rolled onto a small shaft. It is also called dental floss roll or dental floss bobbin. The market is generally cylindrical, but with the development of society, various shapes of dental floss rolls have also appeared. At the same time, the material of dental floss is also divided into many kinds, the common one is nylon dental floss.

Dental floss yarn types

There are so many types of dental floss yarns according to the market needs.

According to the material: Nylon dental floss, polyester dental floss, polymer dental floss, PTFE dental floss, etc..

According to specifications: For example, nylon thread has nylon 6, nylon 66. Nylon 630D, nylon 840D and other specifications.

According to the shape: cylindrical, fusiform, spherical, etc..

In terms of functionality: there are expandable floss, bamboo charcoal floss, environmentally friendly dental floss, biodegradable dental floss, super dental floss and so on.

According to the color: white floss yarn is usually seen, but there are also different colors such as black, blue, pink, green, and mixed colors.

dental floss yarn

According to whether it contains wax: it can also be divided into unwaxed  and waxed.

According to the consumer group: vegetarians are suitable for microcrystalline wax, vegetable wax, and animal waxes such as beeswax.

According to the flavor: Some fruit flavor, such as: strawberry, apple, watermelon, peach, grape, coconut, etc.; and milk, sage, eucalyptus, juniper, spearmint, etc.

According to whether there is a shaft core: it can be divided into no shaft core, paper shaft core and plastic shaft core.

According to the impact on the environment: Divided into non-degradable dental floss and degradable dental floss.

According to the length: generally there are 10 meters/30 meters/50 meters/100 meters or even longer dental floss, this depends on the capacity of the dental floss box.

Dental floss yarn dispenser

The shape and length of the dental floss roll also determines the shape and capacity of the box. For example, the floss container divided according to the shape and the length of the floss roll is as following:

What is the dental floss dispenser function?

The dispenser is just for dividing the floss into different length for using. Surely, some dispenser just for replacement.

I will introduce more information about dental floss yarn in future if possible.