What is unwaxed dental floss?

The material of the unwaxed floss is made of nylon and free of wax. Unwaxed floss can add flavor or not according to consumer’s requirement.

Is unwaxed dental floss better?

There is no evident shows that unwaxed floss is better. What kind of floss is suitable for consumer is the final choice based on ourselves interdental gap and the doctor’s advice. The ultimate goal is to clean the teeth effecitively. For example, some people have a wide gap between the teeth, which is suitable for fluffy or flat floss, and some people have a thin gap between the teeth, which is suitable for unwaxed floss. It is hard to say which one is better.

Unwaxed dental floss feature.

The characteristic of the unwaxed fental floss is that it does not contain wax, and the surface color is relatively bright and smooth, and there will be a squeaking sound when cleaning the teeth.

What is the difference bettween waxed and unwaxed dental floss?

The surface looks brighter and feels astringent when used unwaxed floss because there is no wax coated. While waxed dental floss has wax coated, so the surface looks like some uneven , there may even be wax particles attached to the surface of the dental floss caused by uneven coating. Due to the lubricating effect of the wax, it feels smoother between the teeth when using.

Waxed dental floss is smooth and non-split, and it is not easy to get stuck in the middle of the interdental seam. It enters the depth of the interdental space and brings out tartar. The comfort is relatively high. The unwaxed floss is more sturdy. It has the sound of friction between the floss and the teeth, but the effect of cleaning the foreign body is better.

In addition, the unwaxed floss does not have a wax coating, and the floss is relatively weak when used, which is a shortage of the unwaxed floss.

Micro wax floss.

In fact, according to the preferences of consumers, Orab is the representative in the market and has introduced a micro-wax dental floss that the content percentage of wax is between the conventional waxy dental floss and the unwaxed dental floss. As the name suggests, it has less wax content than conventional wax, but more wax content than non-wax.

What types of dental floss is most effective?

Which one is effective to clear plaque between gum depends on the actual situation of your own oral cavity. The gap is bigger between the teeth should be used fluffy or flat floss. Using regular dental floss if the gap is thin. You need to use super dental floss, or the threder, if you have dental braces, which should follow the dentist’s recommendation.

What crowd is suitable for waxed dental floss, what crowd is suitable for unwaxed dental floss?

When the interdental space is large and the floss passes through the adjacent points of the teeth during use, it is recommended to use a unwaxed floss;

When the dentition is not uniform, the calculus is more or there is a bad restoration, the floss is easy to be worn and broken. It is recommended to choose waxy floss or micro wax floss.

Is it better to floss before or after brushing?

It is better to floss before brushing.