What is super floss?

Super floss, including a section of nylon or silk dental floss, is characterized in that a section of high-elasticity drawstring is provided, the drawstring is twisted into a drawstring, the two ends of the drawstring at the open end of the drawstring are connected, and the dental floss passes through the drawstring. The closed end of the floss and the two ends are connected. When using, hold the end of the dental floss and insert the front end of the dental floss through the gap between the teeth, and then remove the dental floss from the other side of the tooth. Passing through the gap between the teeth, because the pull rope is made of high-elasticity straps, it can be stretched to different lengths according to the size of the gap between the teeth (pulling force) during the pulling process, and the area of its cross-section (pulling force) of different lengths can be stretched. Different rope thickness), on the basis of no hard pulling on the teeth, the food or rice residues in the gap between the teeth are brought out, which has the advantages of novel structure, convenient use, good cleaning effect, and no damage to the teeth, especially   for cleaning braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth.

How to use super floss?

Tap a bridge and implant blocks is a thick flexible floss that can be used around implants bridges orthodontic appliances and is also suitable for periodontal care. The floss is equipped with stiff plastic ends for easy insertion. The puffy middle portion can be pre soaked. If your dentist recommends mouth rinse this works even better than swishing to get it between the teeth or underneath the gum line for those with implants and good dexterity. The floss can be inserted from the front side of the space. Nic to the tooth and looked around to the other side of the tooth in a lassoing technique with both ends out in front the floss can be moved in a shoe-shining motion. This motion should only be used around titanium implants and not natural teeth. This floss can be used one time and then should be thrown away.

Who fit for use super floss?

The person who equiped braces, bridges and wide gaps between teeth.

Can we produce super floss?

No. We can not provide this floss product. You can visit Oralb super floss.

But we can prvide expandable floss(sponge when soaked water). The different is we produce the floss is shaped as a bobbin not a stick.

expanding floss

Except that, we can also produce PE(Dyneema)/PA(nylon)/Polyester/dental tape/PLA/bamboo charcoal dental floss.