Dental floss is available in a variety of colors, materials and flavors. Let us learn the different type of floss in the market.

The dental floss type chart:

Types Features
Waxed dental floss Smooth and soft
Unwaxed dental floss Clean effective
Polyester dental floss Lower in value, great in light level of resistance
UHMWPE dental floss Strong pulling force
PTFE Acid and alkali level of resistance
Colorful dental floss Various colors
Flavored dental floss Different flavor fresh your oral
Unflavored dental floss Just for unwaxed floss
Expanding dental floss Expands heavier contact with moisture
Dental tape Thicker and flatter than regular floss
Super dental floss Clear around braces or bridges
Nature dental floss Eco friendly and free of plastic
Cdental flosser Dental floss tool

Different types of dental floss overview:

Waxed dental floss vs waxed dental floss

Waxed and unwaxed floss both are created from nylon. Waxed floss has a thin covering of wax tart on its work surface, rendering it a little fuller than unwaxed floss, but simpler to glide between the teeth. Waxed floss is prone to be flavored than unwaxed floss.

The above floss mentioned is extract from google. It is misunderstand. Actually the manufacturer can create countless forms of waxed floss. Not simply nylon materials.

Polyester dental floss

It has exceptional style qualities. The polyester yarn or material has a level and soft design after becoming formed, and it can be used for a long period after repetitive laundry utilized.

The fibers is straightforward in creation process, lower in value, great in light level of resistance, robust in sturdiness, great in elasticity, not easy to be deformed, and immune to deterioration. With regards to overall performance by itself, it really is ample for your floss discarded after utilizing.

UHMWPE floss

It has unmatched wear resistance, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, water absorption impact energy, low temperature resistance, hygienic disinfection, non-sticking and easy to be used in ordinary polyethylene and other engineering plastics. Water absorption, low density performance. Therefore, the floss made of this material has strong pulling force, high wear resistance coefficient, and is not easy to break the wire.

PTFE tape

It is a kind of oral adhesive tape otherwise known as ribbon which full name is Polytetrafluoroethylene. Often called PTFE floss, it has acid and alkali level of resistance, potential to deal with various organic and natural options, everywhere temperature opposition, weather conditions amount of resistance, rust level of resistance, higher lubrication, no adhesion, no toxicity, Efficiency. See functionality to understand that it is mainly used to make adhesive tape and other items.

Colourful dental floss

As it is brand, just various colors.

Flavored and unflavored

Not only unwaxed floss is unflavored. Any type of floss can be infued flavor. Even more kinds of natural flavor are exist except pepper mint. Such as strawberry,green tea,lemon,orange,cinnamon,grape,eucalyptus,clary sage,etc.

Expanding dental floss

Expanding dental floss is actually a oral hygiene product or service designed to thoroughly clean involving the teeth. It expands heavier in regards in contact with moisture, like saliva. The rubbing due to running the floss between teeth may also cause this type of floss to expand. It is constructed of nylon floss with lightly wax tart. The increasing just the purpose of nylon material floss.

Dental tape

Dental tape is thicker and flatter than regular floss. It comes in both waxed and unwaxed. Tape is just a shape. Actually PTFE also a tape. So according to this point, PTFE belongs to dental floss tape. Others material like polyester/nylon and UHMWPE also shape tape after the specialized progress in dental floss manufacturer.

Super dental floss

Super dental floss is manufactured out of a yarn-like material. It’s employed to clear around braces or dentistry bridges. Mainly because it has tougher segments on each end, this sort of floss holds around the rigors of flossing between those complex spaces when wearing braces or dentistry bridges.

Eco friendly/biodegradable dentistry floss

Eco friendly dental floss means the dental floss source from natural or biodegradable/zero waste or free of plastic. Like corn starch fiber(is compostable in industrial compost. It is made from corn-based plastic (PLA). Bioplastic is as strong as traditional plastic, but it is made from renewable resources.)/cotton fiber/silk floss.

Dental flosser

Dental pick is shaped like an “F” with a piece of floss strung between the two ends. Some dental picks are shaped like a “Y” but still have the same floss between the two ends. This makes it easier to wedge the floss between your teeth, wiggle it back and forth, and remove it.

Dental floss

Advice for Choosing a Type of Floss

  • What type of oral floss do I need to use?

“What kind of dental floss must i use?” is a query that dentistry pros get inquired on a regular basis. The brief fact is you should utilize whatever kind of floss that you want. The thinking just for this is, if you like it and look for it easy to use, you are more inclined to make use of it on a regular basis.

People who have tightly spread out pearly whites will find it quicker to use waxed floss for its organic lubricating residence. Waxed floss is normally stronger than unwaxed, meaning it won’t bust just as much during flossing. Unwaxed floss, however, is finer and more comfortable to go in and out of your respective tooth.

  • When do you use unwaxed floss?

Whether or not you should utilize waxed or unwaxed floss comes down to personal preference. Every one has benefits and drawbacks, and you will make a decision based on your knowledge of both. There is not any completely wrong answer––as lengthy when you are flossing on a regular basis, you might be setting up a wonderful choice for your personal dental health.

All in all, the choice of dental floss still needs to be comprehensively evaluated according to personal preference, degree of fit and comfort, and the correct use method can be used to keep your teeth and periodontal health.