Dental floss is unhealthy for environmental surroundings as most floss is constructed of nylon material fibers that acquire many years to get rid of down and are too small to be processed by standard recycling plant life. Floss boxes and floss selections are usually deemed merged supplies that can’t be reprocessed., standard dentistry floss significantly plays a role in global waste.

Many companies produce waxed floss, which is stick-and spot-resilient, meaning it movements between the pearly whites very easily. Regrettably, wax floss is constructed making use of perfluorinated chemicals. Additionally, most dental floss will come in a plastic-type material box. If that compartment isn’t recyclable, it is going to wind up in a dump, taking on area for centuries.

Though dental floss harms the environment, you shouldn’t quit flossing to get a a greener routine. Eco-friendly Alternatives to Traditional Floss is on its way. For an even more environmentally friendly change, choose recyclable floss which comes inside a recyclable floss pack. Reuse FSC licensed papers oral floss boxes are completely recyclable, so all that you should do is eliminate the floss cutter and recycle the box when you’re done.

Eco-Friendly Dental Floss Types

PLA dental floss

PLA stands for polylactic acid. PLA floss is not technically plastic-free because it is made from plant-based plastic. It is often referred to as bioplastic. It simply means that the plastic is not from fossil fuel sources. But PLA is industrially compostable. However, a big problem with PLA is that it is not home compostable.

Silk dental floss

Many brands sell silk thread that can even be composted at home. However, as you know, silk is a controversial material. It is made from silkworm cocoons, which are harvested by boiling while the animal is still alive. As a more ethical and sustainable alternative, some companies are producing peaceful silk threads.

Making peace silk does not require boiling silkworms to death, but allowing them to mature into moths. However, you might want to keep in mind that during the domestication of silkworms, these have been deprived of the ability to see, fly, and respond to predators.

Eco floss for brace

Some people need to use satin tape because they have very tightly packed teeth. Others need to use super floss because of wearing dental devices, such as braces.

If this is you, then the bad news is that they haven’t been able to find an eco alternative to these types of traditional dental tape/floss.

Eco Floss Details in Market

  • Floss type: Organic cotton fiber/PLA(corn fiber), which is a corn-starch-based plastic polymer that is commercially compostable! /silk floss/bamboo charcoal biber. 100% biodegradable.
  • Ingredient: Natural pepper mint oil derived from Spearmint Oil, Cornmint Oil, and Menthol and candelilla wax, which is natural and sustainability. Beeswax for biodegradable and candelilla wax for vegan. Floss coated with plant-based candelilla wax to help it smoothly glide between your teeth. It also includes a hint of organic tea tree and mint essential oils to soothe your gums and freshen your breath.

We pointed the traditional floss wax is not eco product. So the alternative wax is here. It is extra from the nature and is zero waste wax and biodegradable, which decrease the harms to our environment.

  • Dispenser: Made of paper board.

For the eco friendly notion, the market find so many material dental floss holder. Like metal/PLA/paper box/glass jar/bamboo box. Let us show them to you one by one.

eco firendly dental floss dispenser

biodegradable dental floss box

The strength, thickness, and texture it has. Each spool is made with 100% pure mulberry silk. It’s then coated with candelilla wax for a gentle glide and natural peppermint oil for a fresh feeling.

The biodegradable floss comes with a glass container that has a stainless steel lid with a floss cutter. When you run out, you can simply order the two refill floss spools for absolutely no waste.

It also contains vegan candelilla wax to make it easier for the floss to slide between your teeth, activated charcoal that can help whiten your teeth, and coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and spearmint essential oil to give it a great taste.

  • Patent: The floss roll core is made of paper. For less waste, we improve our process and remove the core of floss bobbin and approved patent.

This is the dental floss industry innovation of this technology, which will make a huge contribution to dental floss free of plastic.

What is the bidoegradable floss shortage

  • Biodegradable dental floss lost the consumer’s sacrifice of usage experience. It is made of natral, so the strength will be less and will be break easily. On the other hand, the floss is not very smoothly, cause a bad usage experience.
  • Have a short lifetime of biodegradable floss. The strength of the floss will be weaker and weaker. So it is not fit for stock long time.

Final Thoughts

Even the eco floss has the shortage and I think will improve or come the alternative with the development of technology.

After using the floss you can just throw it in your compost pile where it will naturally biodegrade so you don’t have to worry about creating unnecessary waste and pollution like plastic that takes hundreds of years to decompose. By avoiding materials that are noxious to both your own health and Earth ecosystems, you can tangibly contribute to combating climate change, plastic pollution, uncontrolled waste generation, the depletion of natural resources, and wildlife damage.

Go green with your dental routine. To reduce your impact on the planet, try biodegradable floss. Or, look for floss packaged in paper instead of plastic, or in a refillable, reusable container. Making the eco-trendy move to biodegradable dental floss will make your dentist, your smile, and the planet happier.