I did dental floss business many years. Always be asked which dental floss is better? Does dental floss come in different thicknesses? Is thinner or thicker floss better? What is thedental floss diameter?

The clients asked these questions misunderstand the thickness. Or they did not clear how to express the thickness of floss. So what is the dental floss thickness. It is measured by Denier.

I really do not know how to answer the questions. Let me explain the questions clearly here.

What is denier?

Denier is used to determine the thickness of the fibers in the tent fabric. It’s a unit of density based on the length and weight of a yarn or fiber in textile industry international. But applied same in dental floss industry. They are measured by raw material. It is increct when used in coated floss.

Coated Dental Floss Yarn

raw material

Raw Material Dental Floss

Is a higher denier count of dental floss better?

Generally speaking, the higher the denier count, the more durable the material will be. This is due to the thicker threads used to make up the material. So, if you’re looking for something that is durable and can floss longtime. It can not decide the strongest is the best one. It also should be considered the comfortable and fitness to the special people.

Durability and denier

Nylon is stronger than polyester, but both fabrics are extremely durable. Comfortable/Softness: This is a matter of some debate, but usually, nylon is lighter, silkier, and softer than polyester. Beside, polyester does not absorb water, while nylon does in small amounts.

Which floss is strongest?

For superior strength and remarkable stretching capabilities, nylon is the better for making dental floss. Stronger than polypropylene, nylon commonly finds itself pulling the heaviest loads and bearing the most weight.

While nylon has a lower dennis than polyester does. It is inherently stronger than polyester on a weight for weight basis. However since polyester is a finer thread it can be woven with a higher thread count to strengthen the finished product of the two materials. Nylon is stronger and is more stretchable than polyester as this stretch ability occurs. Because nylon absorbs a small amount of water while polyester does not absorb any. Because of the water absorption, expanding dental floss is produced by nylon material.

Among dental floss type, UHWMPE floss is the strongest one, then is the dental tape. Finally is nylon and polyester.

Test the strength of floss

Thick floss or thinner floss which one is better?

  • When you have large gaps, choose a thick floss.

It is advisable to use thicker floss if you find that regular floss slides in quickly or has visible gaps between your teeth. Thicker floss is better to make sure that you are flossing all the tooth surfaces.

  • When you have smaller spaces, choose a thinner floss.

A thinner floss recommends when the spaces between your teeth are minor. Avoid floss that is branded as “tape” or “super” as these are thicker and will have difficulty fitting between your teeth.

Denier just stand for the thickness. So which type of dental floss you should choose, it decide your experience and your suggestion from the dentists.