Every product has it own expiration. So what is the dental floss expiration?

As you know, dental floss is made of different material. Like polyester/nylon/UHWMPE/PEFE and PLA fiber coated with wax and flavor. Some more special product will add bamboo charcoal particle to fresh and clean teeth.

According to the manufacturer they give a 3 years or 5 years of expiration. It is not correct. Just their own estimation.


As we known, dental floss coated on mint flavor or other flavor, which is natural oil extract from the certain material. And according to the physics, the oil(liquid) will steam with the time.

We company Hebei Fenghe Biotechnology INC.,LTD got the feedback from our customers as following:

It does not expire but after a year the flavor is gone. You can continue to use it as long as there is no fraying. If there is, go get a new one.

We also do the test to prove the feedback and then we improve our progress to keep the flavor longer.


Floss mainly is fiber or plastic extract from oil. So when floss is stock in a high temperature warehouse long period, it will be mixed with oil raw smell. So the expiration will not be kept over 3 years. But not all the floss material can not be stock over 3 years.


Food grade wax is made of oil extraction and other natural plant extraction. So different wax has the different expiration.

So what is the dental floss expiration should be know what is the dental floss made of. Many of types dental floss appear in current market, we should not only focus the expiration shown on the product, but also see the floss ingredient.


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