Dental Floss Holder Reusable and Disposalbe

1. What is dental floss holder

A dental floss holder, or pre-threaded flosser is a device, which makes it easier to floss your teeth. It could be helpful for people who have constrained dexterity, those who are just understanding how to floss, and care providers who need to floss somebody else’s pearly whites.

2. Fenghe brand dental floss holder

Fenghe dental floss holder is invented by our general manger, who is a engineer and familiar with the product and also know what our consumers’s needs. Also got the patent in China.

It is made of recycle PP plastick. Y shape. At one end is a rond top for the dental floss spool volume. The other side is like floss pick to hang a section of floss. The middle is for fixed the floss with a cap and cutter for dispenser floss.

3. Dental floss holder introduction

Dental floss holder generally is divided into 2 types by shape. One is F and one is Y. Others same. Like the below photo:

Dental floss

Dental floss holder also is divide into 2 types by disposable or with replacement. The above types are disposable products. They will be useless when used one time. But this the replacement is fit for the environment protection content and less waste to decrease the pollution.

4. How to use dental floss holder

  • Handle the holder to get between two of your teeth and gently press it against your gums.
  • Slip the holder with the in and out motion to take out any food particles from between teeth.
  • Rinse the floss pick as possible to make sure it stays thoroughly clean.

5. How to replace dental floss spools

When out of floss, please keep the holder and replace the floss spool. How to replace?

  • Open the back two caps
  • Loose the floss for the head.
  • Open the floss holder.
  • Take the floss spool out of the holder and replace a new one. Put the new one on the bottom of the arrow pointed.

  • Through the floss from inside to out and twist on the head. Then fix the floss and cut the extra floss.

6. Dental floss holder VS dental floss pick

The answer is: it depends on personaly. We all know that flossing is vital for your oral health. But it is also pretty hard to do, specially getting to the the teeth of the back. Luckily, you will find useful equipment called “floss holders” who do almost exactly what you will expect. The dentist may could even recommend anyone who have difficulty with flossing.
The two main major types of floss holders: reusable and disposable. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the one you select largely would depends on yourself situation. Reusable one stays longer with less waste pullution. However, you will need to have individual floss for the reusable holder, while the disposable holders often come with their floss pre-threaded.
Most floss holders are simple to operate and will have instructions easily available. Nevertheless, reusable kinds have a tendency to operate in the same way. You take an bobbin of floss and wrap it tightly around the holder, in order that you will find a usable portion of floss stretched taut across the head.(the more detail how to replace the bobbin, please read the prvious paragraph) As stated before, disposable floss holders usually include floss pre-threaded, so you will not need to do anything at all like that.
Once the floss is ready, you use the floss holder to floss in between your gum. It is vital that you adapt which section of the floss you happen to be using, just like should you be flossing generally. In fact, you don’t desire to use dirty floss to clean your teeth. Disposable types are a very little easier, as you can either pull out a new holder or rinse the one you’re using.
Obviously, as always you should speak to your dentist and ensure that you’re doing what is best for your own dental health and hygiene. Everyone’s condition is different—however, floss holders are still very helpful for people with difficulty flossing all their teeth. Keeping up on your everyday oral hygiene is exceedingly necessary for your oral health and, most of the time, anything that tends to make that easier to achieve is a good step to take.

7. Dental floss holder VS dental floss

Dental floss holder is convient for the people who can not operate the floss easily. Compare dental floss holder, dental floss is less cost and less waste pollution. So the answer: which one is more advantage is depended on ourselves.