Maintain oral health, please stick to these 4 good habits

If there is a problem with your body, you may go to the hospital for treatment in time, or take some medicine for treatment. However, if there are problems in the oral cavity, how many people will pay more attention to it? I believe that many people have dental caries, periodontitis, calculus and other phenomena in the mouth. If you can pay more attention to your oral health in your life, you can effectively avoid these diseases.

What are the recommendations for maintaining oral health?

1.Reduce the time of using sugar foods

As we know that eating too much sugar can have a very bad effect on the teeth, and may even cause dental caries, which makes us miserable. The sugar mentioned here mainly refers to sucrose, which is the most common sugar in life and the raw material of most sugar foods.

This kind of substance is the sugar that is known to be the most prone to caries. The use of sucrose as a sweetener not only has a very sweet taste, but also has a pure taste, no other taste, high nutritional value, and very low price. But do you know? Sucrose can turn the mouth into an acidic environment, which not only causes the tooth surface to detach from more minerals, but also makes it easier for us to breed oral bacteria, which seriously endangers oral health.

2.Reduce the consumption of carbonated drinks

If you drink a lot of carbonated drinks, bone calcium will be lost, which may cause osteoporosis. A large amount of drinking carbonated drinks can also affect dental health. Carbonated drinks can also turn the mouth into an acidic environment with adverse effects on the mouth.

In addition, the polyphosphate contained in the carbonated beverage will affect the body’s calcium and phosphorus absorption, and the chance of suffering from dental caries will increase by two times. People who drink carbonated drinks for a long time will even have a series of demineralized spots on the surface of the teeth. This damage is difficult to repair by the body.

3.Have more fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain very rich nutrients, rich in mineral elements such as calcium and phosphorus, and very abundant vitamins, which have a lot of benefits for the body. Fruits and vegetables can also help promote the formation and calcification of tooth tissue, help teeth to increase hardness, and improve resistance to acidic substances.

4.Do not take teeth as a tool

Many men, especially on the wine table, use their teeth to open beer bottles. Although it is very convenient, but your unknowingly your teeth will be damaged, the teeth are used for normal chewing food, and teeth really can not bear the hard thing.

In addition to the above suggestions can effectively help protect oral health, we must pay more attention to our eating habits. It is necessary to gargle and floss timelyafter eating, which can help remove the residue of food in the mouth and effectively reduce the growth of bacteria. Brush your teeth or rinse your mouth before going to bed, which will reduce the ability of microorganisms to reproduce and protect your mouth.