Brushing your teeth with a toothbrush can only clean 70% of your teeth, and the other 30% is the gap middle of the tooth. Many oral diseases are caused by the uncleanness of the gap between the teeth. Flossing can effectively remove residual food, soft tartar, and clean plaque. Therefore, flossing is very important for oral cleaning. In addition, the appearance of the teeth will seriously affect people’s image. A good tooth will give a good impression to friends and bosses. No matter whether it is wax, no wax, no fragrance, no matter what the material or shape, any floss product can be used effective.

When is the best time to use dental floss?

1.After meal: you can effectively clean the food residue between the teeth and solve the discomfort of the teeth.

2.After brushing your teeth at night: remove food debris, soft tartar, plaque, and also can prevent dental disease.

How to use dental floss pick?

Take out the floss with a stick, squeeze the stick and look in the mirror. Rub the thin wire into a gap until the gums, but don’t use too much force. Clean one side of the gap first. Slowly rubbing up and down, left and right, the floss should be in a “C” shape with the tooth surface to make the cleaning surface larger.

And then using the same way to clean the other side of the teeth.

Start by cleaning the incisors from the back of the teeth. The order is from simple incisors to large teeth that are difficult to clean. After one side is completed, change to the other side.
After a floss is contaminated, it is replaced with a new one. Use a lot of floss picks to clean the entire tooth. Rinse mouth and clean up the leftovers in the mouth. The cleaning is complete.

How to use dental floss roll?

1.     The timing of use is the same as that of a dental floss pick.A length of floss about 30 cm long is taken, and this length is completely sufficient.You need to use two hands and the mirror is in front of you. Wrap the two ends around the fingers of the hands, leaving a length of 10 cm in the middle to make the thread tight. The middle finger controls the length of the line. During use, one middle finger looses the line and the other middle finger tangles the line, which can be exchanged for a clean line segment.
2.The index finger and the middle finger cooperate to control the strength and position of the line. The cleaning method and sequence are the same as for the floss. gargle. The cleaning is complete.

3.Note: Dental floss pick for beginners, floss rolls is economy. Do not use too much force and hurt your gums.